Wenco Mfg. Inc. produces high quality spade bolts
home page banner Wenco Mfg. Inc. has been serving the industry producing the patented Simplex wire strippers and cutters for all types of wires and cables since 1920. These machines employ the Wenco® oscillating blade principle, which assures you maximum production and clean stripped ends. We are a tool and die shop, and have the ability to fabricate quality custom machines to fit your needs to get the job done right. Our products have been found to be the most versatile pieces of equipment of their kind giving years of trouble free efficient service.

Wenco Mfg. Inc. has also been known for producing high quality spade bolts and fabricating all kinds of punch press parts since 1972. We have over 5000 different sizes and numerous styles in stock available for sample, and the ability to manufacture threads up to and including 3/8″ in any material and finish to fit your specification.

Spade Bolts

Spade Bolts
Wire Stripper

Wire Strippers and Cutters